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Founded in 1940 and a founding member of WOSM and WAGGGS, the French Scouting Federation gathers six National Scout Associations. Today, the Federation counts more than 125,000 members, including 30,000 volunteers.

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An augmented conference 

For the World Scout Conference and the World Scout Youth Forum in 2024, the French Scouting Federation invites you to experience a special event, centred on conviviality and nature. Organised at the Jambville Scout Centre, we wish to offer an augmented conference, respecting all the constraints of an institutional event. Augmented, first, by the natural setting of the centre. Augmented, also, with moments that, like an evening around a campfire, bring us closer together.


Reconnecting with the spirit of Baden-Powell, each participant will be given the opportunity to sleep in tents or in the castle dormitories; but also at a hotel nearby. The Conference will offer an evening programme, including a night in Paris and its surroundings so visitors can discover France, its culture and have a great scouting experience.

An eco-friendly conference ​

Aware of the environmental challenges of today, our candidacy aims to have a low carbon impact. While measuring our carbon footprint, we will also offer you an experience in line with the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), and respectful of the environment.


The Conference will take place in a natural setting, allowing us better control over our impact on the local ecosystem. All stages of the project will be conducted mindful of this approach, and we will provide opportunities for participants who wish to act with us to that end.


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A time to remember 

The 2024 World Scout Conference will be the first Conference of the next centenary of World Scouting. Coming back close to the birthplace of WOSM will be an opportunity to remember this important moment and reflect on all that we have achieved together.

Through an interactive exhibition, everyone will be able to (re-)discover the History and development of WOSM, its milestones and innovations. An opportunity to reflect on our past to build the future!


in a spirit of friendship and solidarity, Scoutisme Français and Scouts de México have decided to withdraw their bids to host the 43rd World Scout Conference and the 15th World Scout Youth Forum in 2024 in order to allow Egypt to host the next edition in 2024.

A land : coming to the conference
Logistics ​

Jambville is a National Training Centre 1 hour away from Paris, in the heart of the Vexin National Park.

The Conference venue is located :

• 1 hour from Saint-Lazare train station

• 1 hour from each of the 3 Parisian airports


The Jambville Scout Centre and its park —labeled SCENES by WOSM — is a unique natural setting for enjoying the scout experience to the fullest and building the scouting of tomorrow.

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Visas and Solidarity Operation ​

In order to facilitate the attendance of the largest possible number of participants, we will offer support throughout visa applications and administrative procedures in cooperation with the relevant authorities.


We are also planning a Solidarity Operation to ensure inclusion and maximum participation, striving for good representation of the diversity of our movement.

The candidacy explained in a video
The candidacy explained in video
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