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Motivations and priorities

Motivations and priorities

By applying for the European Scout Committee, I hope to be able to support the development of OSNs to equip more and more young people and adults to be actors of positive changes in our societies.

It has never been more important to position our movement as a safe space for our youth and volunteers, and as a laboratory for experimenting with a different world view, more respectful of the environment and of humans, in all their diversity.

In this changing world, where the pace of technological innovations is constantly accelerating and disrupting our ways of living, of thinking, it is extremely important to support the NSOs so that Scouting continues to meet the needs of young people, and be increasingly attractive to younger generations.


The pandemic that we have just experienced allows us to think differently, and I am very motivated to be able to participate in a committee mission to create the spaces for discussion and collaboration that will make it possible to invent the Scouting of tomorrow.

It is also particularly important for me to reflect on the political impact our movement can have, and I am convinced that this is also the role of the European Scouting Committee: how to put our energies at the service of the education of young people and accompany the transformation of our societies, in order to carry our vision of peace and unity in our societies.

Finally, in the current European context, it seems to me more important than ever to affirm the place of Scouting as a peace education movement, where the voice of young people counts and where all can work together to create a more united world

My priorities 

Leading by example : "Be the laboratory"

Youth involvement

  • Transcend the youth participation topic to talk about participation in general

  • Change the narrative between young vs adult to new vs experienced

  • Create a stronger induction system for all volunteers in WOSM Europe

  • Capitalise on the experiment in WOSM to produce resources and support for Mos


Sustainable Development

  • Set objectives to reach climate neutrality before 2033

  • Have ambitious goals to develop more educational resources and limit the impact of events

  • Develop our sustainability advocacy further

  • Adopt more environmentally-friendly investment practices with our investment fund.

  • Use our work on sustainable development for the growth of the movement

Moving further into the 21th century

Reinventing Scouting

  • Welcome the digital age with open arms

  • Increase our capacity to create audiovisual educational content and develop partnerships with media companies

  • Develop more innovative scouting digital activities

  • Keep innovating and developing more physical activities to bring more opportunities for young people to connect with each other and with nature.

Reaching out to the world

External Relations

  • Create an ambitious advocacy strategy for the region

  • Focus more on impact and less on visibility

  • Increase our means to have political influence

    • Build a network of scout-friendly members of the European Parliament

    • Look for the opportunity to increase our cooperation with the World Scout Parliamentary Union

  • Increase the cooperation between WOSM and its MOs to create coordinated actions on specific legislation



  • Develop a network to facilitate the organization of European Youth Exchanges, small Jamborees that MOs can organize with European Union funding and that will increase the number of young people attending international activities, creating bonds across the borders.

  • Think of smaller international Jamborees we could organize to strengthen European citizenship among our young members

  • Continue engaging and strengthening our partnerships on this topic



  • Invest more in our fundraising capacities in the European Support Center to have a bigger team capable of diversifying our funding sources

  • Create a timeline for the deployment of the Regional Investment Fund to bring a new sustainable stream of revenue to the region

    • Start working with private foundations (on the environmental topic)

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