Sustainable proposal for the World Conference 2024

Mis à jour : 25 nov. 2020

A responsible campaign in terms of sustainable development and consistent with the values ​​of Scouting

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France is a country that has become aware of environmental issues and the importance of promoting more sustainable human development.

This awareness pushes the younger generations to engage more and more in the fight against climate change. This is how initiatives in favour of the environment are put in place and commitments made. France is also assuming its responsibilities, notably by signing the Paris Agreements, or even by proposing the 2024 Summer Olympics, which wish to limit the event's carbon footprint as much as possible.

As Robert Baden-Powell, the founder of scouting, said: "The man who is blind to the beauties of nature has missed half the pleasure of living". Nature is one of the pillars of scouting. Scouts and guides live outside, happy in simplicity. In contact with nature, they learn to respect it. Everyone then does "their best", at their level to move towards a better world.

This desire to respond to the need for a more respectful and responsible world is also reflected in our campaign. By aligning with the values ​​of Scouting such as respect for nature and happy sobriety, our proposal aims to be as responsible as possible on all aspects of the campaign.

Above all, it is in the very design of our campaign that we integrated the concept of sustainable development. Much more than a search for ecological alternatives to the usual promotion practices, we aim to have the smallest impact possible with every part of our campaign. To communicate better, we have tried to communicate less. Our campaign could therefore seem too sober compared to more common practices, but it is a necessary choice that we assume.

To better measure the impact of our activities and be able to evaluate our efforts, we will measure the carbon footprint of each action taken for the campaign and take steps to improve it. We will consider the impact of transport, the material produced such as goodies, or all the communication of the campaign. It is in this approach that we seek to limit our travel by plane, by pooling our forces.

Our goodies will reflect our campaign: ethical, responsible and useful. Therefore, we will offer few goodies to be consistent with our convictions. Made in France, natural and reusable materials are our priorities. For green scouting for tomorrow, we need to learn how to consume better and move towards simplicity. Sustainable and quality goodies are the solution to promote our campaign while respecting our commitments!

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