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Committed to a better world

Fiona Lejosne
Candidate to the World Board of WAGGGS

Who am I ?

My name is Fiona, I'm 36 years old, and I have 22 of them in girl guiding. In my professional life, I am a lecturer at university. French is my mother tongue and I'm fluent in English and Italien, my Spanish is basic.

Through my personal experience – which has given me the chance to live in four different countries – and thanks both to my various guiding roles and to my career in modern languages, interculturality has always been central in my life.

I believe WAGGGS as a global movement has a role to play in helping MOs prepare the new generations to tackle the great challenges of our time (environmental crisis, peace education,
discrimination based on gender) thanks to our educational proposal, the guiding method.

By joining the World Board, I would like to take part in spreading the models of leadership our society needs.

I believe I have reached a good knowledge of our organisation as a whole, through my previous roles and missions, and that I can now continue my "WAGGGS path" by serving on the World Board.


Also, I think that the main volunteer missions I have undertaken in my own component association (IC, vice-chair, now leader of the Education Methods national team) give me the right skills and mindset for such a role.

My path

My path

  • 5 years being International Commissionner 5 ans in my association

  • 2 years as Vice-Chair of the National Board in my association

  • A volunteer in WAGGGS since 2013

  • Multi-level experience, international knowledge, associative strategy


My wishes for the movement...


Raising awarness on global challenges
Preparing the new generations
Ensure the movement's sustainability
Develop the adaptation of our offer
Promote capacity building of MOs

...linked to my fields of expertise



Educational Methods


My wishes
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